The truth is…

For the last month, I’ve suffered from a SEVERE case of writer’s block. While you’re probably wondering what a SEVERE case may be, it is the degree of which an author who is accustomed to writing 1-2 books each month isn’t able to push out more than 250 words – in an entire month’s span – to save their lives.


Thoughts are jumbled.

Wires are crossed.

Ideas are sketchy.

Characters are quiet.

Story starters are in hiding.

Frustration is heavy.

Ambition is faint.

Hope is dwindled.

And, tears are plentiful.


 While the people closest to me continue to encourage my recovery by reminding me that I needed the break, I can’t help but to think of how much this felt more like torture than a vacation. To wake up every day and not pursue your purpose is devastatingly painful. I’ve felt robbed of the one thing that brings me sheer joy, creating wonderful stories.

As private as I am with my process and personals, in general, I felt as if it was my duty to report to my readers. With me pushing out content consistently, I know you’re wondering where I am and what the heck I’m doing. Plus, I felt as if admitting my troubles and being open about my struggle, it would help me overcome the fuzziness.

So, if you have any encouraging words, please don’t hesitate to comment on this post. Trust me, I’ll need them moving forward.

P.S. Fact & Fiction was on my heart to pen, but the characters have dried up on me. I’m praying they begin talking, again. But, in case they remain silent, then please understand that I will begin another story in a heartbeat. I won’t keep you guys waiting for something intriguing any longer than I must.


Happy reading,



In the meantime, you can keep yourself busy by reading a few stories from a few authors I adore:

  • In No Need for Love 1 & 2 by BriAnn Danae
  • Everything to Lose by A.C. Taylor
  • Road to Love by Nicole Falls
  • If I Let You by B. Love
  • The Games We Play by Alexandra Warren