Half & Half - "She's it."

I'm not releasing in May. I'm not releasing in May, or at least that is what I kept telling myself. But, here we are. I randomly started to envision the book that I'd attach to this cover that I made about a month or two ago. The storyline got so damn interesting that I had to write out the first scene I'd envisioned. The first scene was so damn good that I had to write the next one and so on and so forth. I looked up eight days later and the story was complete. I tampered with the idea of holding on to it until June, but I'm afraid I will scrap it if I do. Hint Hint: It is my first sweet Romance story and I've been scared shitless since starting it. 

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Here are a few facts about HALF & HALF and this sample:

  • Unedited. (VERY) 

  • Subject to change. 

  • Keep an open mind when reading about these two. They're different. In many ways.

  • This is my first SWEET Romance piece and it scared me shitless to write it. Of course there's something sexy & something sultry about the piece & the hero/heroine, but it is sweet, nonetheless. 

  • Release sometime between May 9-16, I'm undecided as of now.

  • I began penning this book on April 28th, if my memory serves me right, with no intentions of completing it so soon. This piece is very spontaneous, and not only because I penned it in a few days... in nature as well. 

  • I learned quite a bit writing this piece. My characters taught me valuable lessonS throughout. 

So, for the sample.

Snatching the jacket of my suit from my chair, I prepared to make my exit. Today, much like yesterday, would be spent out of the office. While I assumed that hiring Heartleigh to replace Faidra in her absence was the best thing to do, admittedly, I had failed. Golf couldn’t even expunge the hardship she’d created for me.

Her presence was intoxicating, indicating an increase in the level of enchantment that I had certainly denied when in conversation with Loathe. I’d come to the realization after cutting my day short, yesterday, that I was guilty of the accusations she’d claimed against me. In my thirty-six years of life, there had been only two women whom I was beguiled by. They shared the same blood as me.  

But, Heartleigh possessed a different type of special. Very specific, yet I couldn’t place a finger on it. Her body was absent of fragrance, causing frustration to bud in my chest each day that I left her here to do nothing. I wanted something to remember her by, yet she left me with nothing but unsolicited conversation and worries of her discomfort.

I wanted her quiet for the both of our sakes. Each time her cords rang out, my dick hardened and heart softened. As if the task was impossible, no one had managed it before.

Confession. I wasn’t the easiest to share space with, especially not my work space. Faidra and I had gotten along so well all of these years because there wasn’t anything about her blandness that intrigued me. She was three years my junior, a by the code type of woman and empathetic just as Loathe. Faidra allowed the weight of the world to overwhelm her. Poor thing couldn’t go a day without donating to some cause or another.

But, not Heartleigh. Much like my mother, she was resourceful, edgy and certainty seemed to fail her. Yet and still, she remained optimistic and dodged the dark clouds life often tried hovering over the average person.

She was generous, selfless and so fucking irresistible. These were only a few of the reasons I needed to find a subtle way to end her short-lived sitting as my replacement assistant. I needed her out of my office and out of my head at once.


“Fuck.” There it was. That voice that I wanted to hear more of while simultaneously praying that I never heard it, again. “Sorry.”

She apologized for my mistake. So fucking perfect. Too dedicated to my thoughts of her, I neglected to pay attention to where I was going and collided with the brazen beauty. My large frame flung her into the wall of the narrow hallway. The collision shoved me in the same direction, but I used the wall behind us to weaken the reaction.

Cornered. Heartleigh never faltered as we stood face to face. Her staring back as I gazed into her memorizing rounds. They’d darkened, leaning more towards the color of fresh cinnamon. From the root of her head down to her pointed chin, I etched her into my memory, refusing to leave the office without traces of her lingering.

For some reason, I got an inkling that – for once – Heartleigh welcomed the silence. Her deep, labored breathing was all to be heard in the crammed space that I had yet to allow her freedom from. The textured wall scrapped at my knuckles as I made a fist, attempting to conjure the courage to restrain the urge to take her oversized lips into my my mouth, caress her amble backside with my large hands and relieve her of the pent up pressure I sensed since the day she waltzed pass me and into Clutch Café.

Bold in nature, I wasn’t surprised to feel the palm of her soft hand grace my earlobe. Caressing me as I was a lost pup, her eyes brightened once more as a way of assuring me that she was interested in taking things wherever I lead them. The discovery of her submission was provoking. Unintentionally, I leaned into her arm, still zoned in and waiting for the unknown.

“Say something.” Her demand drew me closer to my senses.

Dropping my arm, I straightened my posture and placed distance between us. “My day has come to a close. I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning, Ms. Drais.”

Gasping as defeat covered her pretty brown skin, Heartleigh revealed signs of disappointment due to my sudden departure. Candidly, if she knew what was best for us both, then she’d let me leave in peace.

Otherwise, she’d have big dick down her spine and up her uterus before she could blink, again. I wasn’t that pent up but I was that damn eager to establish a connection with her. I’d never been eager for a damn thing in my life, so it vexed my soul to even consider the thirst I harbored for another human.

Partially unable to connect on a personal level from being socially inexperienced, my method of communication was through physicality. The more physical I became, the better you got to know me. Self-satisfaction was a life’s goal of mine that I had accomplished and exercised everyday. There wasn’t a thing in the world that I wanted, not until I laid eyes on her.

Afraid that the temptation of her disappointment would lead us both down a path that neither of us were ready to take, I brushed past her and headed for the door, again. I could hear the grumbling from her throat as she readjusted her clothing and continued down the hall. She didn’t put up a fuss. She didn’t put up a fight. For her willingness, I was grateful.

Mr. Duncan was awaiting my arrival, and I would be at his home in a matter of time. But, first, I needed to make a call. Checking the gold Rolex on my arm, I silently prayed that I could have a minute of her time. She continued the argument of me not carving time out of my day for her for years, so I was finally making good on my promise of remembering to do so.

Quickly, I accessed Loathe’s contact. She answered on the third ring, keeping me waiting four seconds longer than I should’ve. “What a pleasure?” She hummed, sarcastically.

“She’s it.” Calmly, I stated.

“Who’s it?”

“Heartleigh Drais.”


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