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In book three of the Leverage & Love Series, Wilde finds herself journaling to better express her feelings and frustrations towards the relationship or lack there of between she and Jhalil. Without telling any more of the story, I wanted to share something else with you all, so I snatched a page from Wilde's heart aka a piece of her dear. dear. dairy. Enjoy. 

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my dearest Jhalil,


In my darkest hour, I seek your light. In my toughest times, I seek your strength. In my time of need, I seek you with greed. 


I can’t say that I’ve searched for you for my whole life, because I had no idea that anyone like you truly existed. They say perfection isn’t real, but they just haven’t met my Jhalil. Mayor of Channing City. Ruler of my heart. Your presence reign in my life and - though my submission hasn’t come easy - I pray that you find enough forgiveness in your heart to grant me with it for the rest of our lives.

I'm sorry, pathetic even, that I couldn't let you in sooner. It's just that this hole in my chest is so goddamn big that I'm tired of using other pieces of myself to fill it. I'm beginning to understand that it is a task much too massive to handle alone. I'm limbless and have nothing more to stop the pain it has caused. So, can you help me? Please? Come see. Even, now, it is hurting me. 

I’m so overbearing and so careful with the treasure God has given me in the form of man that my actions may not even seem logical. But, I mean well. In my desperate attempt to protect what’s mine - which is my duty - I’ve hurt myself more than anything else. I take full responsibility for my shortcomings and pray they don’t keep you from coming... back to me. You must understand that this was all so suddenly. You and me. So, don’t give up on me. 






Remember that you can preorder Wilde & Restless, now. Just click here.

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