Unearth Me - "I was the final one."

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Here are a few facts about Unearth Me and this sample:

  • Unedited.
  • Subject to change. 
  • Contains explicit content (SERIOUSLY)
  • The heroine doesn't need the saving
  • March 4th release.
  • It is my BEST piece to date!

“Therapy?” Dagger used the towel to clear his eyes of sweat.

“Yeah. Therapy. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteeeeeen. Fifteen. Shit.” I could feel the burn all over my body. We’d been in the gym for the last hour with no signs of slowing.

“You lost me, there.”

“It isn’t for you or anyone else to understand, D. I’ve been had some fuzziness up top since my old man took off so suddenly. We barely had time to let his condition settle in before we were burying him. I haven’t felt the same since. I feel like I’m missing something. A chunk was pulled straight from my rib when he left, man.”

“Na. I feel what you’re saying, but therapy?”

“If its nothing else my old man taught me, it was to take care of here, first.” I pointed to my temple. “And don’t ever set yourself up to believe the myth that black men don’t need therapy. We need it the most.”

“I know what’s missing.” Dagger smirked.


“A woman. Something soft to rub and roll over to. Somebody to help relieve you from them long ass days you be having. I’m telling you, it’s nothing like it.”

“Then remind me… Why are you still single?” I rubbed my beard, waiting for his response.

“Man… We’re not talking about me.” He laughed. “I barely got my own shit together. The only woman I’m keeping right now is Dolly.” Dagger referred to his mother, the sweetest woman to ever walk the face of the planet. Earth didn’t deserve her.

“As I thought. How’s mom, anyway?”

“She sent an invitation to dinner, tonight.”

“Ah. Can’t do it.”

“And what do you suppose I tell her?”

“Work.” I shrugged, grabbing the bottled water and unscrewing the cap. “At least it is the truth. Next week for certain. You can give her my word.”

“Oh. I plan to. Listen. You remember that spot I took you to last year? The one where…”


“Yeah. That one.”

“What about it?”

“Well, they’ve begun putting their list together for next year. You skipped out on me this Valentine’s Day. I’m trying to see if you wanted to be added to the list for the upcoming year.”

Lotus appeared once a year and was limited to the most prestige singles of all Huffington Mill. I’d enjoyed it, thoroughly, the year prior but had no desire to return. Again, Dagger would be solo.

“Na. I’ll have to pass. Hopefully, somebody’s daughter will be on all fours as I dig her back out come Valentine’s Day.”

“Word. I see you’re about to keep it up in here. I need to hit the shower and go by the store for my mother’s wine before I step foot on her porch. I forgot it last week and she didn’t feed me.”

That sounded like Dolly. “Na. I’m cool. It’s best if I get out of here early for once. Hiring new management for the hotel isn’t as simple as it sounded. I’ve had more headaches this week than I’ve had since stepping up here.”

“Understood. Let me grab my belongings.”

On the way out of the building, I plugged my earbuds in. As childish as it may have been, I refused to hear the name Mr. Benedict after hours. The shit played through my head enough during the day. I’d called it quits nearly two hours ago, and wanted to be left at peace. Tonight would be hectic enough dealing with the changes being made to Benedict, the hotel that I had gained rightful ownership of the same day that I had Benedict and Associates. Because I was so focused on flushing this building out, I allowed Benedict to remain intact until I could conquer its to-do list as well. A year later and I’d finally gotten around to it.

Dagger and I made progress on our journey through the lobby and towards the garage reserved for anyone who leased an office within the building. It wasn’t until I gave a quick glance towards the elevators did our commute end, abruptly. Stepping off with her head held in the air, legs as long as days spent in the office, eyes straight ahead and mouth tight Kirklynn Sayers caused the entire flow of traffic to stop as if she were a red light –daring them to disobey her orders.

“Yo. Who the hell is that?” I felt Dagger tapping my shoulders. From the reading of his lips, I understood what he’d said. Before I could respond, she was upon us.

“Ms. Sayers.” I nodded, removing the buds from my ear.

“Oh.” She chuckled, giving us access to her cavity-less teeth. “What a change in heart?”

“Just opening the door for a lady that I see with her hands full.” I pushed the glass door open and allowed her to exit.

“That’s not unexpected and not what I was referring to, actually. Your voice. You found it outside of my office. How nice of you?”

She was right. I didn’t spend my time fellowshipping with the people that I was in business with. They weren’t my friends, not my cup of tea and most of them thought I was better off dead or banging in the streets.

A young successful black entrepreneur that was one hundred percent legit was a threat to their pride. Half couldn’t stomach the idea, so they refused to digest it. The disdain rested on their wrinkled noses each time I walked by.

“Have a nice day, Ms. Sayers.” With an extended arm, I directed her into the garage before us.

“You do the same, Mr. Benedict.”

Placing my earbuds back inside of my ears, I continued after Kirklynn had gotten some ways. I felt my shoulder being jerked in the opposite direction and came face to face with a scowling Dagger. Reaching forward, he snatched the cords causing my plugs to eject from my ears.


“What?” I questioned.

“Who the hell is that?”

“Kirklynn Sayers. My therapist.”

“I think I can recall my mother mentioning something about me needing to see a doctor about this temper of mine. Maybe you can get me on Ms. Sayers’s list?” Dagger inquired. “She taking new clients?”

“I was the final one.”

“Bullshit. You trying to keep grandma for yourself?”


“She looks damn good, but I’m certain she ain’t our age. I’d give her thirty… tops.”

“Try thirty-four.”

“Shit. I thought I was being smart and putting a year or two on it. I swear she could pass for twenty-seven or twenty-eight. The only thing that gave her away was that outfit. Only a grown ass woman can pull off a suit like that.”

Kirklynn was dressed in a cream suite with a red silk blouse underneath. Everything about her screamed wholesome; something neither of us knew much about. Kirklynn was the kind that played it by the books. Straight and narrow. The good girl that was chased down by the villains –like myself and Dagger.

“I thought you had shit to do, D?”

“I do. Right now I’ve got shit to see, though. You got an issue with that?”

That was all that he’d be doing, looking.


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