A Letter From Trough: My Syx

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My Syx,

On this day, I give thanks to God for creating you. I know that you were carved from your mother’s womb with grace and the precision of the finest surgeon to ever live. I must admit that he conjured a masterpiece.

It’s your born day and you’ve sworn against any broad purchases, which challenged me to use my mind instead of my money. That’s a first, love. I kept my word, followed your request and kept my cards in my wallet.

I passed up the shopping center on my way to the car dealership, but made Christopher reverse out of the parking lot at the sound of your voice yelling in my head. The flower shop was calling my name, but I ignored its whispers. I won’t even mention the one-way flight to never never land to spend the winter month under the scorching sun with you.

I’m saying this to say that out of all the things that my money could buy, you aren’t one of them. I appreciate you for being you and keeping me grounded, reminding me that it’s more to life than what I know. While I thought I had seen everything, the truth is I hadn’t seen anything.

You’ve introduced me to more happiness than my fortunes could never afford. I’m so in love with you, Syx. From the crinkle in your nose when I bother you in your sleep to the one in your brows when I get in the way of work. You’ve magnified me beyond belief and helped me to see that my world was bigger than I had the knowledge of it being.

So, on this day, I wish you all the many more. I pray that you continue to thrive and shine as the twinkling star that you are. Single-handedly, you’ve lightened my universe. The world wouldn’t be well without you –mine, at least.

You’re making waves and I am behind you cheering you on every step of the way. I took a peek at your new pieces (forgive me) for the Huffington wedding and I couldn’t maintain the immense pride I felt bubbling within.

Your happy is my happy. Your joy is mine, too. With that being said, I want to see more of that happiness and more of that joy. I wish to wake up to it in the morning serving as my ray of sunshine, and I wish to bed to it serving as my moonlight. No matter how far or where you roam, I want you to know that where I rest you’ll always have a home.

P.S. No, I didn’t splurge on this key. I paid only $5.99 for it. I even made it myself at the kiosk. Happy Birthday, baby.

xoTrough Motherfxcking Mallard

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