Brief Intermission: Untitled & Unpublished

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While we wait for the next novel... Enjoy the intermission. Meet Earth, the tamed beauty. Meet Premise, the fxck boy.

Title & cover to be released on Feb 15th.

After four years of a staggering situationship, Earth comes to grips with the fact that her bedmate, Premise, is uninterested in changing their status. She's the only one to blame and takes full responsibility for the lack of commitment he's shown throughout their time together.

As another year rolls around, and their fifth anniversary approaches, Earth decides that she can no longer withstand his ill-treatment and the neglecting of her deepest desires. She conjures a plan and, strategically, dismantles Premise from his core with a simple tap of her fingers and flick of her wrist.

For Premise, the term, "What you won't do, another will," doesn't hold relevance in his life until he's on the receiving end of indescribable pain caused by the woman he thought would continue to wait in vain until he noticed her.

*This is a short.* story!*

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