Syx and the City: Situationships Book 1

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I watched from afar as her wild untamed tresses entered the room long before her frame. The way that her spirals sprouted before her, announcing her entrance was intriguing. For an entire year, I’d been attempting to suppress my urge to pursue this mysterious creature carved by God. I’d even suggested my wife fire her on a few occasions. A temptress. That’s what I referred to her as in my time alone or when watching her hard at work with the most dissatisfied smug across her face.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend the fact that her passion rested somewhere other than Amiyah’s tour bus or our lower level. Though I loved my wife, dearly, there was something profound about the young woman who had just entered the Jay-Z lounge, of which I had reserved for the night after discovering this was the club that she’d be visiting for the night. The room fitted eighty guests, but there was only one that I was concerned with. My day had quickly gone from shit to sugar after agreeing to give Syx a lift to New York.

My wife had sprung some rather exciting – well, in her case – news on me that had my head and heart in limbo. Deciding to put the pressure of my day to the side, I stood to my feet and made my way over to the table where a friend of mine, Ronald, was chatting with the woman that I’d sought out for the night.

"Ron," I spoke, never removing my eyes from her face as it retracted in surprise.

It was the simple shit that made my dick rock and my heart heavy. I was overstimulated at the simple fact that my wife’s assistant knew my voice. I learned this to be true because she had yet to turn in my direction, but her side profile revealed her familiarity with the sound of me.

Blinking, Syx allowed her neck to rest and head fall forward. Reaching up, she caressed it with her hand. A blatant sign of nervousness. Before today, she’d shown no signs of concern for my presence but the universe had shifted in my favor and I was blessed with the pleasure of watching her dismantle under my nose. Smirking, a satisfying groan left my throat before giving Ronald a hand.

“It’s about that time,” he held up his watch. Surely enough, it was nearing twelve. In thirty minutes, we’d be entering a new year with countless possibilities. The first started with sharing the remainder of my time left in the year with the woman who was trying her hand at scooting away.

Grabbing her by the arm, I introduced the two –never minding the fact that they’d probably already introduced themselves. A very clear and concise fella, I wanted to assure Ronald that he could keep it pushing. This one wasn’t up for grabs. Barely for myself, and surely not for anyone else in the room.

“Ron. This is a good friend of mine, Syx. Syx, this is Ron.” I felt her tense under my hold and at the sound of me introducing her as my good friend.

“Yeah. Unique name, huh?”

“Unique name for a unique woman.”

I openly admired her, staring at the side of her face as her cheeks bruised pink and a smile paraded from behind her large lips. Besides those eyes, they were the most appealing aspect of her face. Women were being injected daily to obtain the fluffiness and volume that she possessed naturally. My wife included.

“I’m going to head over here and holler at my mans. Nigga just walked through the door.” Ron got my drift and melted into the crowd as I had hoped.

“Good friend?” She barked, immediately after he’d disappeared.

“I flew you across the country to make sure you’d spend the holiday with your sister, drove you all the way to Brooklyn when I’m staying in Manhattan, and offered you a seat after shaking your ass for half the night down there… And you wouldn’t consider me a good friend? I’m offended.” I held my hand over my heart as if I’d been harmed.

“No. I don’t consider you a good friend. I consider you my boss’s husband. Until today, you have never even spoken more than a few words. Now, all of a sudden, you have diarrhea at the mouth. And don’t make a habit of doing shit for people if you’re going to throw it up in their faces. I never asked for any of your generosity, so humble yourself.”

“But I offered it.” I reminded her, removing myself from her personal space.

I could feel her body heating and wanted to calm the madness that I had created inside. It was my turn to sweat, not expecting this encounter to go left as it had. Now, I was forced to do damage control.

“Listen. My intentions aren’t to offend you.” I clarified, stepping in front of her. “So wipe that frown off of your pretty face.”

“Mr. Mallard,” she started.

Closing my lids, tightly, I chose my words wisely. “Trough. I insist that you utilize that first name I advised you of earlier. I thought we’d swam past this.”

“Listen. I appreciate the ride, the flight and everything that has led to me having the time of my life. However, I must admit that I find it extremely inappropriate for the husband of my boss to compliment me in such a manner.”

“Then, how should I compliment you?”

I stepped forward. Again, in her personal space. Though she parted her lips to release, no words came to. Closing her mouth, she swallowed before licking her lips for the thousandth time. A few blinks and her focus was back on me.

“You shouldn’t.” She finally spoke.

“Why can’t I?” leaning in, I spoke a bit softer.

“Because it’s not right, Trough.”

Shit. The sound of my name exiting through those ultra-sexy lips had my head throbbing, both the upper and lower. "Say my name, again," I demanded.

“Stop.” She refused.

Stepping closer, I repeated myself. “Say my name, again.”

Now available. Download Your Copy.

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