Takes a breather. 


Well, over the weekend (04-07), I had the chance to be in the presence of some amazing authors and even more intriguing readers. Quite honestly, I was unaware of the amount of love that you all have for me. Completely blindsided by the support, I will admit that I was appalled at the results of my first event.  You all completely took me by surprise. 

Thank you so much!

*In other news* 

  • I want you to join CLUB GREY, by clicking HERE. There are freebies, hot reads and more to be dropped in your inbox with 0% chances of spam. I'll always keep it quick. 
  • I'm penning - what I hope to be - the final installment of the Leverage & Love Series as I prepare for a full title release in May (late May) (with God's grace).
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