I feel... liberated.


As of 01-29, I completed Syx Thirty Sevyn, which is the continuation of Syx & the City. While I had a ton of fun penning this title, I can't really remember what I wrote. This rarely happens, sending me into an unexplainable fit of anxiety. On the bright side, this usually means that I fell in love with the characters that I loss my on voice and decided to give into theirs. 

Moving forward, I have decided to lay low and regenerate. My next release will happen some time late-March... early-April. Who knows? The storyline is mapped out and the characters have started placing their bets on who will dominate throughout this ordeal and lead me to victory. I won't be updating my project for a while, but my mood will possibly change. The update will be listed below, if so.

Until next time. GREY.


Update: Lies. I released The Sweetest Revenge on Feb 15th.

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